Course Structure

The Shi’a Intensive Course comprises of 3 parts as follow:

Academic Workshop

This 5-day workshop is designed to provide participants with the foundational knowledge, spiritual understanding, and critical thinking skills required to understand Shi’ism in the contemporary world. The workshop aims to connect scholars from a variety of disciplines and countries to study the role of Shiʿa Islam in modern Iran.
The class topics aim to immerse participants into the rich intellectual and spiritual traditions of Shi’a Islam in order to provide them with the holistic grounding and vision of Shi’a in Iran. Topics will include Shi’i doctrines, rituals, ethics, mysticism, political thought, and contemporary challenges.
The goal is to not simply provide an academic overview of the subjects, but to continuously put these various aspects into conversation with the Shi’a Islamic thought. Participants are expected to gain the opportunity to discuss contemporary Islamic issues with renowned scholars in their respective fields.

Social Program

In the Social Program we are taking full advantage of our location at one of the pinnacles of Shi’ite civilization, the city of Qom.

For those interested in Shi’a Islamic Studies, very few places are as exciting as Qom. The city is counted as one of the focal centers of the Shi’a both in Iran and around the globe, and is considered holy for embracing the Shrine of Lady Fatemah Ma’soumah (peace be upon her). Qom is the largest center for Shi’a scholarship in the world, and is a significant destination attracting around 15 million pilgrims yearly from across the country and the region.

The social program lets you experience the best of Qom in your spare time. With our handpicked social activities, you can explore the history, beauty and religious atmosphere of Qom and have an enriching adventure to complement your academic course.

Cultural Tour
For those who pursue to enrich their experience of Iran, this optional 4-day tour of Iran would be of interest. Follow in pilgrims’ footsteps and explore the history of old Persia and the spirit of the new Iran. Discover magnificent monuments, artworks, and sights and deeper insight into this ancient land. Wander the streets of the Capital and spend a memorable night in the wonderful desert, and witness spectacular Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and Churches in Iran.