Calendar & Curriculum

Course Calendar


    Registration begins 20th October 2018
    Extended registration deadline 30th January 2019
  • WORKSHOP (Mashhad)

    Workshop begins 22nd February 2019
    Last day of the workshop 28th February 2019

    Tehran 21st February 2019
    Isfahan  1st March 2019
    Qom 2nd March 2019

Sample Curriculum

Day Theme Classes Social Program
9:00- 10:45 11- 12:45 14- 15:45
Monday Opening and Introduction Opening Shi’a Origins and Branches Shi’a and Iran Holy Shrine
Tuesday Shi’a Doctrines Sources of Shi’a Thought Imamate Doctrine Mahdism Doctrine Astan Quds Razavi
Wednesday Shi’a Rituals Mourning and Festivals Ceremonies Prayers and Pilgrimages Guest Lecturer Museum
Thursday Shi’a Ethics and Mysticism Shi’a Ethics Shi’a Irfan Guest Lecturer Traditional Bazaar
Friday Trip to Tehran 1-Day tour of Mashhad
Saturday Shi’a Authority and Political Thought Shi’a Political Thought Shi’a Authority, Ijtihad and Fatwa Guest Lecturer Meeting with Ayatollah
Sunday Shi’a and Contemporary Challenges Shi’a and Women Shi’a and Interfaith Dialogue Guest Lecturer Hawza Ilmiah
    • Sample Schedule: The class times are not fixed, and the same classes might not be taught at each course.
    • Class: All classes will be taught using a combination of lectures and discursive discussions.
  • Guest Lecturer: Participants with high academic background on Iran, Shiism or Islamic Studies are warmly welcome to present a lecture out of their research project or field of study to share their ideas with other participants. We are honored to have up to 4 Guest Lecturers in our workshop schedule.